Yoga heals and makes whole the body/mind/spirit complex by revealing the blocks and wounds that keep us from realizing our higher True nature. Physically with postures and breathing, mentally with discipline and concentration, emotionally with stability and compassion and spiritually with recognition of a higher connection within and without, all aspects of the ego personality are allowed to express and heal.

Denise Kirpal leans on decades of deeply transformative experiences and practices to create a substantially nurturing and harmonious learning environment, whether in the classroom, on retreat and in teacher training. Her heart and knowledge extend her teaching to nourish and help heal each student, and to make you feel personally accepted and welcomed.

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Ayur: life and Veda: knowledge, is the science/knowledge of life, providing a phenomenal platform for living a healthy and harmonious life. Ayurveda works as a modern day holistic lifestyle practice addressing imbalances and disease through food, medicine, exercise, meditation, breathing, and environment.

Emotional, physical and mental disharmonies are healed and complete health can be restored with the power put into your hands, not that of the Practitioner. Denise Kirpal works with you to empower and enable your self healing and teaches you how to maintain that balance throughout your life, especially during times of change, stress and trauma.

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teacher teachingsTEACHER TRAININGS

Yoga teacher training with Divine Light Yoga is not just learning how to teach yoga asana. Since 2008, Denise Kirpal has held the definition to awaken within her students their deepest and most true connection to that which is within. Once establishing their Sadhana, which is the platform for this program, each student grows their unique teaching voice and blooms into their radiant, whole and authentically powerful Self.

Grounded in love, stability, and wisdom, this program blends modern and ancient practices in the ever evolving field of Yoga, psychology, Ayurveda, self inquiry, self empowerment work, meditation, relaxation, neuroscience, medicine, and service for all. This is a life changing experience, unparalled.

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Why choose Divine Light Yoga & Ayurveda?

Because within you is that Divine Light that desires to be fully shining. Rooted in compassion and heartfelt understanding, Denise Kirpal knows these practices give us a way, a place and a means to uncover that inner light, that inner balance to live fully and wholly, in exactly the way each of us are meant to live. Accepting each of us as we are, beginning where we are, seeing the Light in all, come experience and learn how to create and maintain balance, peace and more love in your life. Choose from a myriad of ways to begin to heal and balance: